Our platform utilizes advanced algorithms to monitor electric motor health in real-time, providing alerts for optimal performance. With proactive notifications, users can prevent downtime, maximize efficiency, and extend equipment lifespan. Embrace the future of maintenance with precision and peace of mind.


Our comprehensive solution designed to revolutionize preventive maintenance for electric motors across diverse industries including automotive, aerospace, mobility, rail, maritime, logistics, water, wind and solar sectors. Our cutting-edge platform employs advanced algorithms and predictive analytics to continuously monitor the health and performance of electric motors, ensuring optimal functionality and reducing the risk of unexpected downtime.

With real-time alerts and notifications, users can proactively address potential issues before they escalate, thus maximizing efficiency and prolonging the lifespan of critical equipment. Whether you operate a fleet of vehicles, manage aircraft motors, oversee railway locomotives, or maintain maritime vessels, our intuitive solution provides invaluable insights to streamline maintenance operations and enhance overall reliability. Join us in embracing the future of electric motor maintenance with precision, efficiency, and peace of mind.

The system includes a very user-friendly software, presenting the data in graphs and tables, and saving them for evaluation, comparison, quality assurance.


MotoGuard solutions are the only systems in the world that consist of Dynamic and Static testing with direct mechanical torque testing capabilities using only the input lines of the machine.

The system includes options to understand the condition of the rotating machine, as it provides:

  • Motor static load performances (including motor efficiency at working point, motor output power, load, speed).
  • Machine dynamic data (such as torque ripple spectrum, friction/mechanical torque spectrum).
  • Voltage level, power circuit problem, voltage and current imbalance/harmonics, over-current, power input and power output,
  • Mechanical testing for detecting bearing and vibration problems, start-up current/voltage and speed.


Dynamic and Static testing, with direct mechanical torque testing capabilities

Data on Motor (Stator, Rotor, Air-gap, Efficiency, Dynamic & Static torque)

Data on Machine Load (Bearing, Friction, T-S Load performance curve, Unbalance, Noisy gear, Misalignment, Overload, Torque/Speed/Current spectrum)

Data on Power Quality and on Power Circuit (Voltage and Current Imbalance / Spectrum / Amplitude).

Configurable user-defined limits

Real-time data via the Internet, from all the machines under test

Does not require any complicated mechanical coupling nor any adjustment

Requires additional complex and accurate coupling

Alarm trigger via SMS or PUSH notifications

Summary report of system condition

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