MOTOMEA RDS Four-Quadrant Operation

The MOTOMEA Electric Powertrain Dynamometer is part of a fully integrated modular system with hardware-in-the-loop testing. System capabilities include drive cycle and virtual test driving. Powertrain testing capabilities also include battery testing and simulation using bidirectional DC power supply.


MEA can supply “Electric Powertrain Dynamometer” that will include the capabilities for testing:

  • Full Car
  • Reduction gear
  • Electric Motor Under Test
  • 2WD FF Driveline
  • 2WD FR Driveline
  • 2WD Powertrain
  • 4WD Driveline
  • 4WD Powertrain

HiL system for testing individual ECUs and integrated networks, including real-time simulation and test automation

Real-Time Simulation includes:

  • Real-time simulation of vehicle/driver
  • To accelerate / to brake / to change vehicle states


System Capabilities:

Option 1: Drive Cycle

  • Predefined drive cycles:
  • Longitudinal drive cycle simulation/modeling of longitudinal dynamic.

Option 2: Virtual Test Driving

  • Real-time simulation environment with full real-time capabilities.
  • Integrated model environment for the construction of conventional, hybrid, and battery electric power train systems, including their operation strategy and coupling with the hydraulic braking system in CarMaker(*).
  • Driver model in CarMaker for driving cycles and driving 3D tracks. (*) CarMaker: Real-time simulation of passenger cars and light-duty vehicles.

MEA Powertrain testing capabilities also include:

Battery Testing:

  • Battery testing Basic options using Bidirectional
  • DC Power Supply.
  • I+ mode: Current Control (CC+)
  • I- mode: Current Control (CC-)
  • P mode: Power control (CP)
  • Battery IMPEDANCE testing.
  • State-of-charge (SOC) Simulation.
  • Ramp/Step-Up Simulation
Battery Simulation:
  • Battery Simulation using Bidirectional DC Power Supply
  • Special feature: Low voltage dip at current transient
  • Output Filter with higher capacitance
  • U mode: voltage Control (CV)

The battery simulation includes:
  • Special feature: Low voltage dip at current transient.
  • Output Filter with higher capacitance
  • Control mode: voltage (CV)
  • State-Of-Charge (SOC) Simulation (Optional)
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