Mathematical Modeling – PI


The MOTOMEA CMM-PI system is intended to be customized to fit specific requirements. Testing procedures use a motor's voltage and current to produce real-time results. Our products are used globally by electric vehicle manufacturers and brands and robotics and home appliance brands


Features & Benefits

  • The test procedure is based on the motor’s voltage and current.
  • Test procedure measures all of the motor characteristics, from stall up to no-load speed, in just a few seconds.
  • NO loading of the motor is necessary.
  • NO sensor is required for DCPM motors.
  • COMPLETE test performance in just a few seconds of running the motor.
  • Performs QA testing on 100% of production, without compromising line throughput (up to 10 motors per minute), reducing costs of defective products.
  • Determines acceptability to user predefined PASS/FAIL limits on production lines.
  • Detects electrical and mechanical defects according to:
    • Full load performance without coupling to an external load and without adding any sensor on the motor shaft (torque, speed, current, voltage, input power, output power, and motor efficiency, from stall up to no-load).
    • Real-time results.
    • Friction torque, friction output power.
  • Possibilities for: AC, DC Hipot & Insulation Resistance.
  • Adjustable to test various motor types on a single system.
  • Flexible to production changes with minimum expenses.
  • The system is customized to suit specific requirements.

MEA CMM-PI vs. Conventional motor testing
  • Conventional motor testing: Requires test sample conveying, brake machine, loading of the motor, and torque measurement shaft.
  • Conventional motor testing: The main disadvantages of the conventional test procedures include loading of the motor with various loads to obtain just a few values of the motor characteristics.
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