Gear Tester

MOTOMEA Static & Dynamic Gear Test System

MOTOMEA gear testing capabilities offer you an accurate and reliable “Gear Testing method” where you as a user can test the gear in a dynamic way, during gear acceleration period, and in a static way, by using two loading units with very accurate speed and torque sensors at the two gear sides


MOTOMEA, with its unique systems, provides accurate Gear static data of both gear sides, that include Gear Stiffness, Gear Backlash, Lost mossion, Torsion rigidity test, Gear Starting & No Load Torque, Back driving torque, Transmission Angular Accuracy, Gear Efficiency, Gear load performance & temperature, Life test. In addition, the system has patented dynamic capabilities, such as Ripple Torque, Friction Torque, Friction Spectrum, Speed & Torque Spectrum, and Gear Efficiency during acceleration. MOTOMEA’s unique testing capabilities support engineers in their efforts to continuously improve motors with gearboxes. The MOTOMEA Gear Test Systems for gearboxes allow for testing and inspection of all types of gears and are full turnkey systems.

Selected Capabilities:

  • Stiffness.
  • Hysteresis Loss.
  • Transmission Angular Accuracy.
  • Max Backlash.
  • Gear Efficiency.
  • Starting & No Load Torque.
  • Ripple & Friction Torque.
  • Friction, Speed & Torque Spectrum.
  • Back EMF.
  • Gear Stiffness.
  • Gear Backlash.
  • Lost Mission.
  • Torsion rigidity test.
  • Gear Starting & No Load Torque
  • Back driving torque
  • Transmission Angular Accuracy
  • Gear load performance & temperature.
  • Life test
Testing RV & HD gears Transmission Angular

Selected Systems:

RV Gear Test System & Backlash/Lost mossion test results

Main Software Features:

  • Accurate measurements of speed, torque, the calibrated speed, and torque sensors are integrated into the system.
  • All test results are displayed in tables and graphical curves and can be saved for documentation and analysis.
  • Temperature measurements on the Gear Under Test are integrated with all the test reports.
  • Static and dynamic tests are integrated with one software.
  • Option to test Gear in a dynamic and static way together, with an option to test a “motor with gear on it”.
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