EV Bus

Dynamometer Test Bench for
Electric Bus Motors

Motomea supplies innovative solutions for e-Bus motor testing, optionally combined with HiL testing.

Solutions include Motomea's EV-RDS Four-Quadrant Operation & Braking, together with Motomea's worldwide patented IDS Acceleration Dynamometer, with unique dynamic capabilities.

Simulations include real-time simulation of vehicle/driver –to accelerate/to brake/to change vehicle states– and real-time simulation environment with full real-time capabilities.

MotomEa EV-RDS Four-Quadrant Operation – E-BUS motor Testing

Testing of development and production, as well as during in-field operation of the final products, is addressed by Motomea by means of a comprehensive solution portfolio for:

  • Research, Development & Certification (Durability & Reliability, Performance, Calibration & Optimization)
  • Production (End Of Line, Quality Assurance)
  • Field (In-Use, In-Service)


  • Four-Quadrant Operation/Braking
  • Drive Load Simulation with User-Defined Sequence
  • “Hardware In Loop” via CANBUS communication
  • Four-Quadrant Bi-Directional DC Power Supply
  • Battery Simulation, including SOC & SOD scripts
  • Generator testing & Generator simulation
  • High Speed & High Torque EV testing (200 kW motor @ 36000 rpm)
  • Motomea IDS: Unique testing capabilities (worldwide patent)
  • Battery Testing (Nested Loop, CC, CC-CV, CP, CR, CAP%, Last SOC, lAST CAP, IEC 61960, Protection, etc.)

Patented Unique capabilities with Motomea IDS

  • Complete load testing without connecting the EV motor to any mechanical load
  • Ripple Torque
  • Friction Torque
  • Friction Spectrum
  • Cogging Torque
  • Speed & Torque Spectrum
  • Back EMF
  • Dynamic and static data during motor acceleration
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