Inertial Dynamometer

Worldwide patented systems ”Inertial Dynamometer” performing the complete load tests without any load, for all motor types, Paving a new era for testing Electric motors/Engines.


  • Good for all motors types and sizes
  • High throughput – Up to 10 motors/minute
  • High reliability and repeatability – Not affected by heating or load coupling
  • Flexibility – Easily extended for testing all motors types and sizes
  • Turnkey customized solution – Integrates with standard tests (HV, earth, insulation resistance, noise, vibration, etc.)


The motor is accelerated from 0 to the no-load speed. The load used is the moment of inertia of the motor’s rotor + flywheel. From the acceleration period, the system gives the complete motor load performances, together with additional dynamic unique testing, such as ripple torque, cogging, friction, and back EMF. Since the entire measuring time is very short (Acceleration time), the motor has no time to warm up. In such a way, the motor characteristics are given at constant pre-defined temperature.
The method is very accurate (± 0.2%) test results are very well reproducible, regardless of the operator and independent of any brakes, especially of their
additional mechanical losses. The method clearly shows the influence of the temperature on motor performance and efficiency.
The system includes a very user-friendly software, presenting the data in graphs and tables, and saving them for evaluation, comparison, quality assurance, etc.


  • Complete load performance (Torque, Speed, Current, Efficiency, Power Input, Power Output.
  • Additional tests: Cogging, Back EMF, Friction Torque, Ripple Torque.
  • Fully implements standards IEC Std 9651-2008; IEC Std 60034-2-1-2007;IEEE Std 112-2004.
  • CE quality certification.
  • Full turnkey system for motor characteristic testing and analysis, including acceleration, steady-state, deceleration.
  • Accuracy ± 0.2%.
  • Easy maintenance


  • Current
  • Input Power
  • Output Power
  • Efficiency
  • Power Factor (AC motors)
  • Time
  • Friction Torque
  • Ripple Torque
  • Friction Spectrum
  • Cogging Torque Level
  • Dynamic Torque
  • Torque & Speed Spectrum analysis
  • Direction of Rotation


The testing system includes a very user-friendly software:

  • Operation interface in various languages.
  • Go/No Go test.
  • Metric unit and Imperial/Customary unit.
  • Unique data analysis connecter, easy for the compared difference between theoretical values and actual test values.
  • Universal data report, PDF, EXCEL
  • Remote assistance system, providing timely service.
  • Flexible database with Import and Export options.
  • Desktop software version, to be used in other computers, that enables analyzing the system data from any computer


Inertial Dynamometer

Traditional Dynamometer

Very simple test procedure

More complex test procedure

Fast results (a few seconds)

Long test cycle time

Does not require any complicated mechanical coupling nor any adjustment

Requires additional complex and accurate coupling

Applicable for Quality Control, R&D, and End of Line

Applicable for Quality Control, R&D

No need for previous skills

Requires know-how and expertise

A simple and generic holding device, supplied with the system

Requires additional complex and heavy-duty holding device

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