Battery Testing & Simulation

MOTOMEA Battery Testing & Simulation


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Battery simulation:

  • Modular scalability in the typical power range from 5 to 500 kW.
  • Modular scalability in the typical current range from +/- 10 to 1 200 A.
  • voltage ranges (5  to 1 000 V) that can be adapted to the specific application.
  • Fast voltage control (typically: 3 ms).
  • Fast current control (typically: 1.3 ms).
  • Fast load transient response (typically: 1.3 ms for a load step of 10 % to 90 % of output current).
  • High control accuracy – typically 0.1 % for current and voltage.
  • Real-time simulation.
  • Protection against short circuits.
  • Insulation monitoring.
  • Standalone or integrated on the intermediate circuit (DC).
  • Battery simulation can be supplied as a standalone solution, or can be integrated into the test system prior to delivery.


Battery Testing

Selected Capabilities:

  • Easy to operate.
  • Powerful battery test functions.
  • Supporting International Testing Standards (Upon request).
  • Advanced data analysis capability.

General Functions:

  • Channel Status Dashboard.
  • Program Configuration, Preview, and Execution.
  • Real-time Data Record and Analysis.
  • External Module Integration.
  • Option to follow testing sequence defined via excel file.

Program Configuration:

Loop – Support nested loop.

Step – Unlimited steps, with a minimum 1-second duration for each step.

Operation Mode – CC, CC-CV, CP, CR, Pulse, FUDS, DST, 

Customized Drive Simulation*, Customized DCIR, ACIR, Chamber, GasGauge Write.

Data Record Time – Support minimum 1ms data recording time.

Step Cutoff Conditions – Time, ET, EV, EC, CC Time, CV Time, mAh, Wh, SOC, Cap. (%), Cap.
Decay, Total mAh, Total Wh, Last mAh, Last SOC, Last Cap. (%), Last Cap. Decay, Last Voltage, DV, +dV/dt, dV/dt, +dT/dt, (AND)CB ,ET, (AND)CB EH, (AND)EXT ET, (AND)SBS ET, Cell ET, Cell EV.

Protection – OV & LV, OC & LC, Verr & Cerr , OT, Oerr.

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