Welcome to Motomea, where we specialize in comprehensive motor testing solutions tailored specifically for utilities companies, electrical providers, and water companies. With our cutting-edge technology and expertise, we offer a range of testing services to ensure the reliability, efficiency, and longevity of electric motors, water pumping motors, and other engines critical to your operations. From routine performance evaluations to in-depth diagnostics, our state-of-the-art testing procedures provide invaluable insights into the health and functionality of your equipment. By partnering with us, you can proactively identify potential issues, minimize downtime, and optimize the performance of your motors and engines, ultimately enhancing the reliability and sustainability of your utility services. Trust [Company Name] to be your partner in maintaining the integrity of your essential equipment and driving operational excellence

Empower your utility infrastructure with our tailored motor testing expertise

By ensuring motors operate at peak efficiency, utilities can reduce operational costs and environmental impact while meeting regulatory standards. Overall, motor testing is essential for utilities to maintain the reliability, efficiency, and safety of their operations, ensuring uninterrupted service delivery to customers and communities.

Why MotomEa


A global firm changing the way forward in the development of solutions, instruments, and simulations in the electric vehicle (EV), aerospace, rail, micro, servo, gear, and energy sectors.

Patented solutions

Worldwide patented systems ”Inertial Dynamometer” performing the complete load tests without any load, for all motor types, Paving a new era for testing Electric motors/Engines.

MOTOMEA customers

Our global customers have used our innovative products to improve efficiency, reduce cost, expand apparatus lifespans, increase performance, and troubleshoot performance failures.

The climate crisis

As the climate crisis reaches the “code red” level, MOTOMEA is enabling companies to switch to and leverage electric motors, helping put an end to the gasoline and oil motors era. ESG is a core element in MOTOMEA’s business, value chain, and future success.


Speed past traditional methods with the world's leading maker of testing equipment. MOTOMEA's unmatched experience with testing electrical motors and powertrains puts your production plans years ahead of competitors. Contact our sales team today.


MOTOMEA has developed partnerships with respected global partners as part of our commitment to developing the world's most efficient testing systems. Spanning the globe, our partners enable us to provide our customers in all industries with the best experiences possible.

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