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MOTOMEA designs and develops e-drive solutions that are customized according to your specific applications, e-vehicles, or auxiliaries. Our MOTOMEA Automotive Research & Test (MART) Division has been working and developing E-Mobility test systems for any applications including ROAD Simulations. To move forward and lead the way to zero-emission mobility, the electrification of vehicle powertrains is needed. Carmakers and suppliers face new challenges in going this way.

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To reach zero-emission mobility the electrification of vehicle powertrains will be necessary.

This fact leads to new challenges for carmakers and suppliers:

 – Powertrain components have to be more efficient.

 – Reduce the charging time.

 – Combine lightweight construction of powerful electronics but still maintain passenger security.

 – Fitting new technologies for e-Drive applications for extending functionality and maximizing the performance.

 – Ensure safe operation in every environmental condition and for all areas of application.

MOTOMEA offers a range of services and testing products for your “in production” or “in development” powertrain :

 – Testing and validation of performance, functionality.

 – Road Simulation.

 – HIL(Hardware in the Loop).

 – Calibration.

 – Consulting.

 – Products Upgrades.

 – On-Site Services.

Your Benefits:

MOTOMEA does everything from scratch providing you a turn-key system for design, development, integration, and testing of your specific e-drive solution.

producing fast and accurate data that can take it all the way to series development.

MOTOMEA E-Mobility
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