EV Trend Korea, 2022

Throughout the year, MOTOMEA takes part in multiple conferences and events in the worlds of engineering, EVs, automotive, aerospace, and beyond. We also release news whenever new products are introduced. Be sure to check in with our news and events page from time to time.

MEA Testing Systems is happy to be part of the IEI and the Israeli Economic Mission to Korea’s workplan for 2022 and take part in the leading Electric Mobility event of Korea! 

Topics of the 2022 Conference include:

Mobility i.e. Electric Vehicle, Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle, Hybrid Electric Vehicle, Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle, Electric Bus, etc.

Battery/ECU/EV Motor i.e. Battery Module, Battery Pack, BMS, OBC, Motor Drive Mechanism, ISG Motor, Regenerative braking system, Decelerator, etc.

Charge Equipment i.e.  Standard Charge, Quick Charge, Inductive Charging, Home Charge, portable Charge, etc.

Thermal management i.e. Heat Pump System, PTC Heater, Powertrain Thermal Management Technology, Battery Thermal Management Integrated Control System, etc.

And related items such as Eco-materials and tires, Care Products, Fuel saving machine, Smoke Reduction System, etc.

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