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The Customer was needing testing systems that would enable the option to test high-speed, high-torque electric vehicle (EV) motors, in their laboratory applications. The Customer faced some unique challenges, due to their unique motor applications, such as: high power densities, high speed ranges, high torque ranges, robustness, and more.

Motomova’s solution for this special requirement is the Motomova Electric Vehicle and Traction Motor Test Bed. This product enables testing EV motors of a maximum power of 200 kW at 24,000 rpm, and a power of 100 kW at maximum speed of 36,000 rpm.

This solution covers the testing requirements, while minimizes testing time up to 40%, and also enables dynamic solutions to the Customer.

About the Product:

EV motors Four-Quadrant Operation, Regenerative Braking:

Additional EV Tests: Performance Generating mode & Performance Motoring mode, Stall Torque, Cogging Torque, Back EMF RMS, Open Circuit Back EMF, Back EMF Constant KE, No Load Coupled & Uncoupled, Torque Ripple Measurements at Low RPM & at High RPM, Electromechanical Time Constant, Voltage and Current Harmonics, Load from Excel File, Speed Torque Scope Viewer, Deceleration Test (MOI Calculation), Servo Bandwidth (Speed Loop & Current Loop), Dynamic Testing during acceleration and deceleration, Friction vs. Speed & Friction Drag Torque, Torque Speed FFT, Performance at Variable Voltage, Inductance Test 3 Phases, Vibration; ISG Tests: Generation Characteristic; ISO Efficiency Tests: ISO Efficiency and ISO Efficiency Contour; S1 to S8 - IEC duty cycles of operating for electrical motors.

Battery Simulation: Battery cycle testing (Charge/Discharge), Battery SOC (State Of Charge) script and Battery SOD (State Of Discharge) script, during advanced battery simulation and simple battery simulation; Special feature: Low voltage dip at current transient; System includes Output Filter with higher capacitance; Testing at U mode: Voltage Control (CV).

Battery Testing: I+ mode: Current Control (CC+); I- mode: Current Control (CC-); P mode: Power Control (CP), CC-CV, Step for cut-off condition (ET, EV, EC, CC time, CV time, Cap%, etc.), Protection (OV & LV, OC & LC, OT).

Electrical Vehicle Motor Drive Cycle Load Simulation: Real-time simulation of EV motor, with acceleration, brake, change of vehicle states.

Unique testing capabilities: MEA patented Inertial Dynamometer, allows the load testing without connecting the EV motor to any mechanical load.

Dynamic Data: Ripple Torque, Friction Torque, Friction Spectrum, Speed & Torque Spectrum, Back EMF, during acceleration and deceleration of the EV motor without connecting to any mechanical load.

The Customer successfully used the MOTOMOVA Electric Vehicle and Traction Motor system to:

Fully achieve testing high-torque, high-speed motors, used in their EV.

Simulate road conditions for testing the motors.

Improve product quality.

Significantly reduce testing time.